In collaboration with STEM NOW (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics Network of Women), I'll be doing a Ruby on Rails workshop at San Jose State University on October 30th 5:00pm-7:00pm in HGH122. STEM NOW is an organization dedicated to creating networking opportunities for young women to pursue learning, development, and careers in STEM fields. If you also believe in advancing women in tech, give STEM NOW your support today.

My workshop is aimed at beginners with Ruby and Rails, who have at least some familiarity with web applications and understand the concepts of MVC frameworks. I will do a live demo on rapidly prototyping Upvote.Guru, a simple HackerNews / Reddit clone I created specifically for this tutorial. I'll be building the app from start to finish using Rails 4.1.6 and touching on key topics along the way. I hope students will gain exposure to:

We'll also be using Bootstrap for quick styling.

Before Attending

I'd recommend getting yourself familiarized with Rails a little bit -- at least getting your environment set up. There's a great step-by-step guide on doing this on RailsBridge called InstallFest. Their entire curriculum is pretty great, too.

All of the source code for Upvote.Guru is publicly available on GitHub. I encourage you to poke around beforehand and bring any questions you might have. Assuming there's enough time, I'll also be doing a Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

Event Details

Thursday, October 30th, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
San Jose State University, Hugh Gillis Hall, Room 122 (HGH122)

Space is limited. Sign up today!