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Don't deploy the wrong branch again

Capistrano is a really great tool to help automate deployments. It's super convenient... but sometimes a little too convenient when you accidentally deploy your experimental development branch to production. Fun times.

Building a Blogging Engine

In collaboration with STEM NOW, I'll be leading another Ruby on Rails workshop at San Jose State University on March 20th, 2015. Over the course of two sessions, we'll focus on getting your development environment up and running, building a simple blogging engine, and implementing user authentication.

Building a simple HackerNews / Reddit Clone

I'll be doing a Ruby on Rails workshop at San Jose State University on October 30th. My workshop is aimed at beginners with Ruby and Rails, who have at least some experience with web applications, HTML, navigation in the terminal, and the concepts of MVC frameworks.

A Simple & Effective Git Workflow

Ah, git. Everyone's favorite command line revision control system. You hear horror stories of losing weeks of work on a bad merge, breaking production, or accidently overwriting the master branch with experimental code. Whenever someone asks me for help with git, I almost always end up recommending the same thing: Rebase.